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A Little Patch of Ground Liverpool 2009

A Little Patch of Ground is a pioneering intergenerational food growing and performance project.

A Little Patch of Ground was a performance and growing project that brought together a new intergenerational group of residents aged 6-84 from across the four corners of Liverpool, to create a unique performance that explored, unearthed and told stories of the relationships people develop with each other, with where they live and with the wider natural world around them.

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Samples of soil, plant life and edible produce as well as personal stories, images, ideas, and experiences were cross fertilised during the project that ran from May to July 2009, key growing months in the natural calendar.

We used photography and film, writing and drama, collecting, cooking and planting during the project.

The performance, premiered at the Bluecoat, served up and shared in full bloom the new varieties and combinations that emerged from the interaction between this unique gathering of people, where they live and the wider natural world around them.

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