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Northward Bound

Lucy Neal travels 1200 miles to Sweden's National Theatre

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

riksteaternThis week Stockholm had its snowiest day for 111 years and next week Encounters Associate Lucy Neal travels the 1200 miles there by boat and train from the UK, to lead a workshop at the Riksteatern, Sweden’s National Theatre. She will be working with a range of theatre artists there along with a number of locally engaged activists and community players.

The invitation has come from Dougald Hine, author and co-founder of Dark Mountain, who is currently resident at The Riksteatern helping them draw out programme themes that relate to pressing ecological and social challenges: Humans and Nature and Borders and Democracy. Both eminently relevant to Encounters own work! Dougald is hoping Lucy’s workshop will build on the work he has been doing for the past two years introducing new thinking and practices to embolden Riksteatern to play a groundbreaking role in how these areas and ecological practicers are explored with their publics, and build a bridge for future working with Encounters. It’s hoped a subsequent opportunity will present itself in 2017 for Riksteatern to host The Art of Invitation – week-long residential course taught successfully in the past by Ruth Ben-Tovim, Anne-Marie Culhane and Lucy herself, exploring ways of activating communities through creative engagement.


Lucy’s workshop will open up questions of how we create new stories to live by and how each one of us finds ways to enact these stories, individually and collectively. She will introduce the principles of collaboration and working with commonality laid out in her book Playing For Time – Making Art As if The World Mattered, which itself was co-authored by over 60 artists and community activists, Ruth and Anne-Marie amongst them.

Lucy says: “I am going to have to wrap up warm! I know I’ll meet like-minded souls and hope to find the courage and resilience in myself to dig deep into engaging with a new community to find shared values and visions in such a disconbobluated world.

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