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Encounters Hosts Combatants for Peace

Greenbelt Festival 23-25th August

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Yosre Slamen, Palestinian General Co-coordinator for Combatants for Peace (CfP) and Ben Yeger, CfP UK representative and Creative Associate with Encounters Arts will be at the Greenbelt Festival next week.


They will be telling their personal stories of transformation from violence to non violence and sharing the work of Combatants for Peace.

The event is on Saturday the 24th of August at 7pm.

Whilst at Greenbelt Yosre and Ben will be engaging with ideas, conversation and practice with other organisations and individuals focusing on collaborative non violent conflict resolution in Palestine/Israel. They intend to establishing some network opportunities whilst at Greenbelt. If you would like to meet Yosre and Ben within or outside of an event at Greenbelt or include them in an event or networking opportunity please do contact them on the number below or look out for their stall in the political activists tent.


Yosre Slamen was involved in the Palestinian conflict first hand, spent time in Israel prisons and has chosen to put his weapons down in favour of non violent resistance as the way to end the Israeli occupation. Ben Yeger served in the Israeli army during the occupation of Lebanon and has since brought his story to the service of non-violence and conflict resolution. You can hear about Ben, transformation and Combatants for Peace through his Ted Talk at Warwick University earlier this year.

Participation by Yosre Slamen at Greenbelt is part of a series of events and tours organised by Encounters Arts to engage people in the UK with the work of Combatants for Peace and the daily challenges this movement faces. Supported by Amnesty International, the Arts Council of England and other trusts and foundations, the CfP Uk Events Programme has been taking place since 2010 and offers inspiration and tools for people to reduce conflict in their own lives and communities Combatants for Peace works as a bi-national organisation, committed to the non-violent joint struggle to end the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

The aim of this current tour is to bring together different people, bridging perspectives and humanising experience. Combatants for Peace hope to increase Anglo-European support for finding new ways to work jointly on non-violent means of conflict resolution.

encounters_icon_mediumEncounters design and deliver participatory arts projects and creative interventions that inspire creativity, dialogue and change between people of all ages and cultures.

They use the transformational power of the arts to work with people in arts, education, reconciliation, rehabilitation, regeneration and environmental contexts inspiring people to explore new interconnected and sustainable stories to live by on individual, local, and global levels.

Ben and Yosre look forward to meeting you at Greenbelt.

Please Email Ben Yeger directly for more details or to arrange to meet.