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Chrysalis will be a new mobile arts, culture and learning space made in 2017 – 2019  by the hands and imagination of people who live or work in the Bio Region of South Devon. It will become an inspirational resource for Encounters, local community groups and organisations in South Devon and beyond.

We want to ensure that people of all ages and backgrounds from rural hamlets to larger villages and towns across this region have the opportunity to inform and be part of the design and build of this new mobile communal space that could serve and inspire them in the future.

The Making of Chrysalis is a significant and unique new project funded by the Arts Council of England that will gather together people of different ages and backgrounds who live or work in contrasting areas of South Devon including; Paignton, Totnes, Newton Abbot, Kingsbridge.

Curious participants, engineers, craftspeople, pioneers in co-design, builders, environmental specialists, subject enthusiasts, community connectors, artists, educators, learners and stakeholders  will be faced with creative challenges and decisions as old and new skills are brought together to consider the mobile units environmental impact in the areas of energy, water, food, materials, waste.

Through the making process we will explore how we can reconnect to one another, to the living systems that support us and to investigate sustainable ways to live and flourish in a rapidly changing world. Chrysalis will provide an exemplar for a sustainable and co-created project that has a very real impact on increasing connections, skills and knowledge amongst people of all ages whilst celebrating diversity in all its variety of forms.

Once made it will be available for use by people and organisations for learning, creativity, celebration, exchange, dialogue and gatherings of all kinds.

Please contact admin@encounters-arts.org.uk if you can help or please call Ruth on 07870 698333.