"Beautiful. Truly inspirational and extraordinary; an emotional piece of work that should be shared across neighbourhoods in this country."

Alicia Smith, Participation Manager, Culture Liverpool

“It was an amazing experience. I learned new things about the environment and myself and about other people. It’s changed my life.”

“I felt like I rediscovered part of myself – what I am naturally, rather than what society has turned me into.”

“I learnt not to judge people. I have learnt to try to see different ways of thinking.”

“Good times, good company and good food. We had fun and grew emotionally and creatively. It was good to watch the plants grow and flourish, just like us. It’s been inspirational!”

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A Little Patch of Ground is an inter-generational food growing and performance project that culminates in a permaculture inspired vegetable garden and a multi-media performance about relationships with the natural world.

Since 2009 Encounters have been delivering A Little Patch of Ground in communities across the UK: in Liverpool, then Doncaster followed by a twinned Urban/Rural Patch in the East End of London and Totnes, Devon.

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A Little Patch of Ground takes place over a period of 20 weeks. A diverse inter-generational group of local residents meet weekly to create and grow their own permaculture inspired vegetable garden, cook and eat together. Through a variety of media the group explores thoughts on food, resources, climate change, interdependence and sustainability.

Participants explore the world as our shared home, with personal stories about moments of connection in nature, documentation and writing tasks about special places outdoors. Through creative writing, making and drama the group takes a journey together, inspired by eco-philosopher Joanna Macy’s cycle of behaviour change: Gratitude, Despair, Seeing with New Eyes, Going Forth.

In the last weeks of the project, these transformative personal experiences are woven together into a public performance incorporating verbatim text, image, objects and movement to tell an intimate and personal tale about the joys and challenges of living alongside each other in this time of ecological challenge and opportunity.

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A Little Patch of your own?

A Little Patch of Ground is available for commission in a wide range of contexts. We are happy to explore how we could work together. Please get in touch.